Birthsupport is the European importer of Birth Pool in a Box, the permanent FP3 birthing pool and all related products.
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Concepts for midwife practices and hospitals

Midwife practices

Low-threshold offering of bath births

For midwife practices, we offer various options for offering a bath delivery for your clients. From offering standard delivery packages to purchasing the various accessories separately. Please contact us or take a look in our webshop for more information.



Regulated from A to Z

Birthsupport is the official importer of Birth Pool in a Box mobile delivery baths and disposables. Worldwide the most widely used delivery bath in hospitals, birth centers and by midwives.

We have partnerships with various hospitals in the field of giving birth in water. We offer a special hospital concept from A to Z. This concept is for the hospital fully cost-recovery and time-efficient and safety and hygiene are at a high level. Before the start of any collaboration, we also provide a workshop for all employees in the hospital.

We are happy to visit the hospital to demonstrate the bath and explain the concept. We have all the necessary information available regarding recommendations, protocols, technical information (floor bearing capacity, etc.), collection possibilities of client for own contributions, etc.

If you are interested, please contact Mr. Peter Machiel Lotgering on telephone number +31 6 402 309 02. We can always drop by for a demonstration of the birthing pool and to discuss the various possibilities.

Even if you are planning to install a permanent bath, you have come to the right place!


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