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Birthsupport is the European importer of Birth Pool in a Box, the permanent FP3 birthing pool and all related products.
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European market leader and importer of products for childbirth in water. We are the business partner for midwives, hospitals, doulas and birthing centers.


Birth Pool in a Box Eco Pro

Mobile childbirth baths

The most widely used mobile birthing pool by midwives, birthing centres and hospitals worldwide.


FP3 Childbath

Fixed birthing baths

The FP3 birthing pool is suitable for permanent placement in a hospital or birth centre.

All about giving birth in water

Birthsupport is the business sister of Bevallingsbaden and Birthpools. Here you can find all products related to giving birth in water. The mobile birthing pools with all disposables/accessories, and the fixed baths for the hospital and birthing centre. We are market leader in Europe with 40 hospitals as customers in the Netherlands alone.

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We are the European distributor of Birth Pool in a Box mobile birth pools, the FP3 fixed birth pool and all related products from Edel Immersys. 


Special concepts for practices and hospitals

Safe and hygienic giving birth in water for you and your client. Suitable for home births, hospitals and birth centers. We work according to the guidelines of NICE and KNOV.

Affiliate Programme

Do you work in maternity care and have a website, blog or social media? Then you can become a partner and earn commission when you refer visitors to For every purchase made by a visitor you will receive commission.

Are you pregnant?

Are you as a pregnant woman looking for a bath to rent or to buy? Then go to Our partner and rental company for the Birth Pool in a Box. Here you will also find an overview of all midwife practices, hospitals doulas and birth centres.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is a hot topic nowadays. And rightly so, we think! At Birthsupport we are also very conscious of the impact we have on the environment. 

That is why we plant trees with Trees for All, donate clean drinking water to third world countries with Made Blue and recycle and repair birthing pools with Edel Immersys.

In this way we compensate more than we emit. This makes Birthsupport the most sustainable provider in Europe!



We have different concepts for midwife practices and hospitals. Please contact us for all possibilities.

Your partner

We work together with hundreds of midwife practices and more than 40 hospitals.

Always in stock

We ship from our European central warehouse within two working days.


Pay via iDEAL, PayPal, Credit Card or afterwards. We are at your service for information, advice and protocols.