Birthsupport is the European importer of Birth Pool in a Box, the permanent FP3 birthing pool and all related products.
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Since March 2020 we supply everything for giving birth in water throughout Europe and no longer just in the Netherlands & Belgium. That is why we have had a European name since 1 October: Birthsupport.

Nothing else will change for you! And we remain the business partner for giving birth in water for:
midwives, hospitals, doula's and birth centers

Informationen zu Lieferungen nach Deutschland (Distributor for Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland) has a problem with the business contact. We are overseeing the procedures for these countries. Für Hebammen, Krankenhäuser und Handel. Please contact us for further information.

Are you pregnant?

As a pregnant woman, are you looking for a bath to rent or buy? Then go to Our partner and landlord of Birth Pool's bevalbaden in a Box. Here you will also find an overview of all practices and hospitals.

All about giving birth in water

Birthsupport is the business sister of Here you can find all products related to giving birth in water. The mobile birth pools with all disposables/accessories, and the fixed birth pool for the hospital.

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We are the European distributor of Birth Pool in a Box mobile birth pools, the FP3 fixed birth pool and all related products from Edel Immersys. 


Special concepts for practices and hospitals

Safe and hygienic giving birth in water for you and your client. Suitable for home births, hospitals and birth centers. We work according to the guidelines of NICE and KNOV.


Birth Pool in a Box

Mobile childbirth baths

The most widely used mobile delivery bath by midwives and hospitals worldwide.


FP3 Childbath

Built-in childbirth baths

The FP3 birthing pool is suitable for permanent placement in a hospital or birth centre.


We have different concepts for midwife practices and hospitals. Please contact us for all possibilities.

Your partner

We collaborate with more than 250 midwife practices and more than 25 hospitals in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Free shipping

From 150 euros we ship your order without shipping costs. We ship within two working days.


Pay via iDEAL, PayPal, Credit Card or afterwards. We are at your service for information, advice and protocols.

One litre for one litre

We donate 650 litres of water to MadeBlue with every order, every inner cover and every delivery package. Exactly the amount used in our delivery bath.


Birthsupport is the official European importer and partner of:


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