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Birthsupport is the European importer of Birth Pool in a Box, the permanent FP3 birthing pool and all related products.
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Midwives & Doulas

Being the European market leader and importer of products for giving birth in water, we have all the information you need as a midwife, doula or healthcare professional.

Birth Pools in a Box

We have been working with the integrated system of liner and birthing pool of the brand Birth Pool in a Box for years. View the properties below by tapping/clicking on the pluses.


White bottom


We are convinced by professionals' advice to choose a white bottom to promote visibility in the bath and as a aid in estimating blood loss.

Indeed, the white bottom provides the best contrast between the bath itself, the birthing and the blood loss.

No drain plug

no weak spot

Midwives and mothers agreed that a drain plug would be an unnecessary weak spot of the bath.

Choice of two formats

Normal & Mini

Some have limited space, some want to get in with their partner and some want as much room to move as possible in the bath. This is why we have the bath in two sizes.

Extra sturdy handles on top

Mothers asked for handles on the top of the tub that could be used for handholds during contractions or to hold them when getting in and out.

Five separate air chambers

Adjustable height

This is safer than 1 large air chamber in case of an occasional leak. It also allows you to adjust the height.

Midwives indicated that some pregnant need a lower entry for easy entry and exit from the tub. Let some air out of the middle ring and fill the top and bottom rings with more air.


sense of security

Some mothers said they wanted a sense of security and others wanted a sense of freedom of movement. That's why the bathtub was given an egg shape. 

Tested for quality, durability and stability

By using high quality material, free of lead, latex and cadmium, the bath meets European guidelines for safe use. Each bath is inflated and tested at the factory, so that no faults exist, and 5-10% is further randomly tested by independent inspectors.

Extra sturdy side handles

Mothers wanted handles on the outside sides (2 pairs) of the tub to use when leaning over the edge (on their knees). They are at a 30-degree angle for maximum comfort.

Solid blue color

Do not be distracted

The blue color of the bath creates the most natural association with water. This contributes to relaxation during childbirth. In addition, mothers wanted a wide rim to lay their heads on, without distracting images and/or logos.

No handles inside

Mothers and midwives agreed that handles on the inside cause obstruction of movement and the proper use of an inner cover.


To ensure that the birthing person drinks enough without having to ask for it, a cup holder is installed.


The seat can be used as a back support or birthing stool during labor, facilitates getting in and out of bed and is used after delivery to sit higher with the baby.

Transparent inside

Optimal visibility

The white bottom and transparent interior of the Birth Pool in a Box bathtub are designed for monitoring mother and child. Visibility in the bath is optimal because the transparent interior provides light that reflects off the white bottom. This is very important for the view of the caregiver in the bath.

Opaque exterior

Mothers unanimously agreed that an opaque exterior provides a sense of privacy and security. We know that relaxation provides pain relief (oxytocin) and a sense of security and privacy contributes greatly to this.

Wide edges

The edges are strong enough that you can lean and sit on them with ease. This makes getting in and out easier. Mothers, their partners and midwives really like the width of the edges.


For midwives, doulas and other healthcare professionals, we offer a variety of options for offering a bath birth for your clients. From offering standard birthing packages to purchasing the various accessories separately.


We recently started our own blog. Here we want to keep you up to date with all the news about giving birth in water and our products.